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Iíd like to introduce myself... my name is T.S. Sanders, you may know me better as T Dub. You might even have seen some of my other guides or my YouTube videos.


If you do know me, you'll know that Iíve been playing World of Warcraft for quite a long time... well back to the time when the game was initially in closed beta testing in 2004 and am a major fan of PvP.



Patch 3.0.2 Domination: Highest Kills and Damage Done with No Deaths in a Pick Up Group


Iíve been there every step of the way, diving headfirst into all the new content whenever I had a chance to get my hands on it. I was there for the first Ragnaros server kill and I was there to get my full Season 4 gear. And now Iíve been there when the Wrath of the Lich King beta landed and for that reason Iíve been quite busy.


So, what exactly have I been up to all that time in the new game? Itís the number one question everyone's asking since I mentioned that I had received my beta key.


Everyone wants to know about Northrend and all the new content out there. They want to know about the first Death Knight I ran and how I was making gold. They want to know about Inscription and how I tackled the new dungeons and raids.


So, here I am, months later and loaded to the eyebrows with information about the most anticipated expansion. I know what youíre probably thinking... How could I have possibly covered every ounce of the new expansion before it even hit the market?


 "Message from a Guildie"

I was always considered "the new guy" of the guild and T Dub is one of the guys in guild who doesn't make me feel that way. There's just something about him that likes to keep giving. His tips and strategies never fail to amaze me and I personally vouch for him!

-Ron Stewart



" Itís All About The Right Time At The Right Place "


Iíve been playing World of Warcraft for the better part of four and a half years and if thereís anything Iíve learned, itís how to play at top speed through any aspect of the game... if that means hitting level 80 with three different characters in the first month of beta, I am there. If that means being in the first raiding party to take on Malygos in Beta and beat him, I was there.


And there are plenty of good reasons to be there... the new content youíre about to learn about in Wrath of the Lich King is easily the best content Iíve ever seen in WoW. Itís not just about getting in there and unlocking the secrets of a new game... itís about having a whole lot of fun in the process.


When you pick up your copy of Wrath of the Lich King and step off of that boat or zeppelin in Northrend for the very first time, which situation do you want to be in?


      Do you want to wander around, take three months to hit Level 80 and miss out on most of the new content?



      Do you want to know where to go for your professions, which instances to hit up for the gear you need, and what changes have been made to every aspect of the game before you even boot up your account?


If you want to be anywhere near the peak of your server, raiding bosses on Heroic difficulty, landing your first heirloom items and defeating opponents in PvP with the latest Season gear you need a helping hand... an insight into the depths of everything that makes Wrath of the Lich King new.


 "Informative and Easy to Understand"

I gotta tell ya how well your guide is put together. You've hit a home run here! They are very informative and easy to understand. Thank you so very much and I look forward to seeing more of this stuff from you in future.

-Josh S.


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" Iíve Been There And Iíve Seen That "


To be successful in handling such a major addition of content to a game like World of Warcraft where your competition will be grinding two levels a day, you need to do three simple things. You need to know what all of the new content is, what parts affect you the most, and finally how to take advantage of strategies that almost no one has uncovered yet.


With my brand new Wrath of the Lich King guide, you can do all of this, break through the barriers of content and be on top of your server on day 1, with faster leveling times, more gold, or better gear than anyone else because you knew what to expect and where to go.


ď Introducing WOTLK Secretsô. . .Ē



More than any other guide out there, WotLK Secrets has been built up around the experience of a true beta tester who has been into every corner of the new content. I spent entire days and nights searching through the corners of Northrend, taking notes, marking down important strategies and tips and building a guide that would provide every single new bit of content you will encounter in an easy to read, easy to follow format. If youíve heard rumors about it being in Wrath of the Lich King, Iíve covered it.


What results is by far the most complete, most detailed Wrath of the Lich King guide on the Internet. You are getting much more than what any other guide out there tries to promise. You are getting every detail you need to prepare for Northrend and WotLK all compiled in a single, easy to read guide with no fluff and no filler.



 "Saved a Ton of Time"

Just dropping by to say a few words. I have most of the official guides out there but this really gives me the "uncensored" version to what the game has to offer. I work over 10 hours a day of my time and I don't have a whole lot of time searching for the information I need. This has saved me a ton of time... great job, keep it up!

-Mike J.


Are You New to World of Warcraft?


It doesnít matter. WotLK Secrets is written so that anyone can take away all of the basic, introductory information they need to get started in the game and take on the content with ease.


Are You a Raiding, Arena Controlling Veteran?


It doesnít matter. Youíll find specific details and strategies that are designed to help you navigate the new content like the seasoned pro that you are. Never spend time wandering around like a n00b trying to figure out how to get into the next raid or what you need for level 450 Inscription. Itís all here.


Everything You Could Possibly Need!


With WotLK Secrets, youíre not getting that guide that recycles old information from patch notes or stuffs useless filler into more than a hundred pages pretending itís useful. You get complete, original information gathered by me from the beta so that you know everything you will face when you step foot into the Wrath of the Lich King expansion. Here is a sample list of everything you can expect in WotLK Secrets:


Complete List of All New Changes to WoW Mechanics


Guide to All the New Zones, Towns, and Locales


Detailed Raiding Guide for Every Instance and Raid in Northrend


Boss Strategies to Take Down Everyone from the Level 74s in The Nexus to Malygos


No cheats, no hacks, no exploits, 100% legal!


A Complete Guide to Every Profession and itís Changes in the Expansion


Detailed Guide to Making Gold in Northrend


The Inscription Profession Laid Bare for the Gold Makers and Crafters Out There


Every Vital Change Made to Your Class from Mechanics to Abilities to Talents


Every Verified Glyph in the Game for all 10 Classes


New Mounts, the Barbershop, new Factions, new Reputations Ė All of it is Covered!


The New Achievement System with All the Rewards, Titles, and Goals it Entails



... And thatís not even scratching the surface of this 250+ page guide to everything you need to know about Wrath of the Lich King.


And if you're one of the next 25 people to order, I'm also going to throw in another 3 bonuses at no additional cost... but only if you act now!



Fast Action Bonus #1
The Ultimate Guide to the Death Knight!


In addition to everything listed above, youíll be getting a complete, one of a kind guide devoted to the Death Knight Ė the first Hero Class and the only new class to hit WoW since the game launched. Youíll learn everything you need to know about how to start and play as this unique class, dominating your raiding parties and wowing your guildmates. Here is what youíll get in this one of a kind offer.


Detailed Outline of What the Death Knight Entails

How to Use Your Runeblade and the Runeforge for Maximum Power

Everything You Need to Know About the Runic Power System

The Death Knight Talent Builds from A-Z Ė Level 80 talent builds ready for your use

Everything youíll encounter in the Death Knight only instance Acherus: Ebon Hold

Much more, special content only for Death Knights!

Valued at $17.00

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Fast Action Bonus #2

Mystery Bonus!



And for those that purchase WotLK Secrets Today, you will receive a special Mystery Bonus Ė this special bonus is only available to the next 20 people who get their hands on the guide in the next 48 hours Ė it is the kind of thing that can only be made available to a select few players Ė act fast before the slots are filled and you miss your chance to be one of the lucky few with strategies that go above and beyond all the rest.


Valued at $37.00

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Fast Action Bonus #3
Lifetime Membership, Updates and Support!


We all know games change between beta and live and that Northrend will evolve with new strategies, new bosses and new content quickly.


Get constant updates to cover every major addition, change, or alteration to WoW after Wrath of the Lich King is released.


You will receive premium membership; your very own login name and password, ensuring that every time there is a major patch or update to the game, you are not left behind.


Donít be stuck sitting around in three months wondering why some other guide hasnít been updated yet Ė get the guide that lives up to its promises.


Value: You Name It!



"How Much Does This Worth To You?"

I have been toiling away over the question of how much to charge for such a guide. I have talked to my fellow players, including those who I have personally helped through the game. I have talked to my friends guild mates. Everyone wants me to ask for what itís worth, for at least $97...

Not only so, but if you were to hire a "professional" Chinese farming company to level up your character, get your Inscription skill to 450,  get you enough gold to buy the highest end gear Ė weíre talking about more than $1200 and the constant risk of getting your account permanently banned.




Those are the real prices they charge and people are willingly pay that money to be at the top of their server. Personally, Iíve been trying to figure out how much this thing is worth for two weeks as Iíve been polishing it up. Itís be a tough decision... I thought shortly that $77 would be a fair amount to ask. I mean, after all, youíre getting every detail you need to know about Wrath of the Lich King all in one neat package.


I showed and talked to a few guild mates who assured me that the value of the guide was worth $97 or even moreÖ


Some of them even told me that I would be a fool to sell the thing; that I was only creating more competition that would make their lives harder. And the simple truth is that no matter how much I charged for this complete guide to WotLK, youíd be getting such a jump start on your competition that it would absolutely worth the cost.


But, I cannot in good conscious make anyone pay near that much.


I thought about where I was at when I started playing WoW back in 2004 and what a guide like this would have meant to me and how desperate I would have been to get such a jump start. I also realized that I would not have been able to buy a guide like this back then if I had charged $97.


So... I got to thinking and eventually decided that I would offer a select few gamers, those who were truly prepping themselves for WotLK and needed the kind of inclusive guide Iím offering a price that was essentially insane Ė and then I would return the price back to what I had originally considered. Otherwise $77.


So, for an extremely limited time, to ensure everyone possible can get their hands on this guide and the information they need to jump start their way to Level 80, weíre essentially giving this whole package away for only $47. After the initial timeframe has passed, youíll be paying the full price like everyone else...


And finally, to top it all off...


"Love My Product or Your Money Back"

Hereís my promise to you: After youíve downloaded and absorbed this guide, if you don't see mind-blowing results in an insanely short period of time...


If you try just SOME of these strategies and don't finally see the unbelievable results...


Or...if you suddenly quit World of WarcraftÖrendering this information totally useless to you...


Whatever the reasonÖ


If for any reason whatsoever in the next 60 days you want a full refund then just email me and I'll have it back to you within 48 hours.


That's "No Questions Asked" for a full 60 days...


And I can make this promise with 100% confidence in my offer becauseÖI am THAT SURE that you will NEVER find another guide out there on the internet today that can even compare to mine.

Itís time to make the call. Will you be the top level 80 on your server, or will you be lost and wallowing in new content for the next few months?


In essence, you have no real choice. You need to act fast.



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Best Gaming,

T. S. (T Dub) Sanders


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